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iyi events is an event management consultancy specialized in organizing events and designing experiences. We put at your disposal all our expertise, resources and personal connections in Barcelona to create memorable events.

An open door to Barcelona’s event resources

Everyone knows Barcelona as a top travel destination for its beautiful weather, delicious cuisine, outgoing culture, and architectural wonders.

As Barcelona experts, we know much more.

iyi events is able to provide our clients with in-depth knowledge and access to all the hidden and available possibilities in Barcelona to build your ideal event. 


Unthinkable Venues

A worldwide-known modernist building, a centenary theater, a modern auditorium or a hotel with breathtaking views are only some of the venues where we can host your event.


Unique Accommodations

Barcelona offers a variety of hotels and other accommodation facilities to host your event attendees or guests within distance of your venue or city attractions.


Every Service your Event Needs

We also make available top quality servicies to cover every single need of your event: catering, hostesses, transportation, music, communication …

We make your events happen. Memorably

You decide the event you want

Hosting an event is an excellent way to increase your brand visibility; by positioning yourself as an expert in your sector, strengthening your relation with customers and stakeholders, and to further your business development:

Be it a professional congress, a conference, a hackathon, a business trip or a party for your stakeholders,

We make it happen

Our knowledge and +8 years in experience with event planning, turns iyiyim into the perfect partner to help you throughout the entire organization process. From the design phase to the post-event, we take care of all planing, implementation and execution.

We would love to hear about your event or idea, let us know what you have in mind and we will tell you how we can help you to make it real. 
The first step for your event in Barcelona is only 1 click away.


Our customers

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Our own events


Startup Grind – Barcelona

We’ve been co-hosting the Startup Grind monthly events in Barcelona since 2014. Being in charge of the operations of the event, we’ve been responsible of creating a fresh, detail-oriented event counting with top-tier entrepreneurs and VC’s like David Tomás, Luís Martín Cabiedes or Kamran Elahian. We keep on grinding every month in order to educate inspire and connect the amazing community of startups and entrepreneurs of Barcelona.


Sunrise Breance

We bring the good back to morning. Since 2015 we’ve been spreading joy and healthyness in different venues and spaces of Barcelona. How? By organizing a #prework experience to start off the day positively at an alcohol-free party enjoying a delicious healthy breakfast, dressed with a little bit of art, an awesome DJ session and loads of amazing vibes. 

Host a Sunrise Breance at your premises and bring the good back to your mornings!

Fuckup Nights Barcelona

Fuckup Nights

We are proud hosts of the Fuckup Nights events in Barcelona. Every month, we get three to four people to get up in front of a room full of strangers to share their own story of failure in a professional context. The stories of the business that crashes and burns, the partnership deal that goes sour, the product that has to be recalled, we tell them all in order to shift the perception of failure, empower a mindset of innovation and have fun.

Join the FUN community of Barcelona the first Thursday of every month!

The art of creating an event

We work under three basic premises in order to create the desired experience:

We organize your event implementing the simplest possible solutions, with high attention to detail and empowering personal connections.



Simplicity is the most powerful tool to create a successful and lasting event



Humans create memories based on interactions with other people



The difference between something good and something great lies in the details. Your event is no exception.

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