Carlos and iyi events have been fundamental for the success of 4YFN. Their guidance, curation and consultancy has been key for the positioning and value of the show”

Pere Duran
4YFN Director, GSMA


With 10+ years of experience, iyi is an effective consultancy company that partners in all aspects of your event, throughout the entire organization process. From the design phase to the post-event.

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Our customers

Some of the world's most influential tech events and conferences recurringly trust us

Leading the design and implementation of 4YFN’s conference program.

Located in Barcelona, 4YFN, as part of MWC, is one of the world's largest tech and startup conferences. Since 2019 we’ve been working with them to strengthen the event’s positioning and value proposition through our conference curation services.

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Collaborating to launch & grow their own startup program, the “Next20”.

Digital Transformation World gathers the telco industry in Copenhagen combining inspirational content and how-to-knowledge in highly interactive events. Since 2022 we've been collaborating to launch and grow their own startup program.

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Our own creations

We create and produce from scratch our very own events and conferences

The first independently organized Startup Grind international conference.

Beginning in 2014, we built and grew a community in Barcelona, with monthly events to connect, educate and inspire founders and innovators featuring top-tier speakers. In 2017, we hosted the first independently organized Startup Grind international conference.

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Flipping perspectives and creating a more aware society.

In 2018, we started building and growing a community in Barcelona around failure with recurring events featuring honest and vulnerable conversations to help individuals get rid of limiting paradigms. In 2023, we expanded to Madrid and currently reaching an audience of more than 7000 members with an average of 130 attendees per event.

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Elevate your event experience


Explore how we can bring your event to life, from conception to execution, with a focus on simplicity, relationships, and details. With our expertise and passion, we create experiences that positively impact society and the future."

From Idea to Reality


From the design phase to post-event evaluation, we offer comprehensive project management to ensure every detail is handled with care and precision, bringing your vision from conception to realization.

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Inspire and Impact


We design and execute technology, startup, and community conferences, focusing on relevant content, renowned speakers, and memorable experiences that educate, motivate, and inspire attendees

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Connect and Engage

Community Building

We specialize in fostering vibrant in-person communities through engaging events and gatherings. Our approach ensures active participation and creates a sense of belonging among your audience, driving meaningful connections and lasting relationships.

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We specialize in digital, tech, and startup conferences as well as (g)local community events, surrounding human and social responsibility. At your disposal are all our expertise, resources, and personal connections to create memorable events.

Let's create together!

Interested in partnering with us for your next event or exploring collaboration opportunities? Reach out to us today to discuss how we can work together to create a memorable and impactful experience for your audience.

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